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- Our not m!lk doesn’t contain any refined sugars, chemical preservatives. Just water, selectively sourced nuts, as nature intended.

- We only operate locally, guaranteeing delicious not m!lk with a low carbon footprint. Our m!lks are made freshly in London, and are delivered within London.

- All our products are made from sustainable materials, ensuring that they don’t damage our precious environment in any way.

- We believe that fresh is best! We never compromise on this mantra or deliver inferior products.

- We only use the highest quality ingredients for our nut m!lk, ensuring a consistently exceptional product that always tastes great!


Award Wining Vegan Drinks

We are astonished and humbled to have won Great Taste Awards for our vegan drinks.

Our Philosophy

  • Natural

    We believe that food and drink should be simple, and you shouldn’t need to be a chemistry student, nutritionist, dietician or biologist to understand a list of ingredients. So, we only use natural ingredients in their least processed form, so you know exactly what you are putting in your body.

  • Pure

    All of our nut m!lk is totally pure; Even the water we are using in our products is purified, free of chemicals.

  • Fresh

    We don’t add anything extra to our not m!lk, so we have to make it every day and deliver it fresh to wherever you buy it. We believe that enhances its taste and quality, providing you with an exceptional product every single time.

  • Local

    We care about our precious planet and want to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, so we make and deliver our not m!lk locally. After all, one of the benefits of not m!lk is that it does significantly less damage to the planet than dairy products, which would be rendered pointless if we drove it hundreds of miles.

  • Vegan Friendly

    All of our not m!lk is 100% Vegan, ensuring that you can enjoy delicious m!lk without compromising on your ethical choices.

  • Sustainable

    All of our products are sustainable and will do no damage to our precious planet.

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The Fresh Not M!lk in Town

Made freshly to your order, using the highest quality ingredients!


Who is not-m!lks?

We are a family owned business with over thirthy years of experience in trading nuts. We realized that the not-m!lks that are currently available are far from of satisfactory quality , due to their low nut-content and unwelcome additives. Therefore we decided to embark on a mission to provide London with the highest quality nut m!lks that taste incredibly good and are nutritious. 

Do not-m!lks contain any preservatives?

No!  They contain no preservatives, which is why they must be enjoyed within five days of production. 

It says they contain no additives, so what exactly is in not-m!lks that makes them taste so amazing?

That's right! They contain no additives, just the best quality of nuts out there, naturally sourced by our acclaimed nut fields. To provide you the with incredibly tasty not-m!lks, we added dates and some coconut sugar in several of our products, but no refined sugar by any means! 

In how many days should the not-m!lks be enjoyed?

We recommend that they are enjoyed within 5 days of production. On our bottles we indicate the production date and the use-by date, so that you can make sure you enjoy your not-m!lks in their freshest state!

Is it normal for the not-m!lk to separate?

Yes, separation is perfectly normal because our base is made from a single natural ingredient, and we purposely don’t add any additives or emulsifiers (like gums and lecithins) to hold everything together. The separation is caused by the difference in density of the water and the natural oil, nutrients, and minerals. Always shake before use.

Can Not-M!lks be used for baking in recipes?

Our Pure and Original Line m!lks can be used in just about any recipes calling for traditional dairy milk. However we recommend our Chocolate Hazelnut M!lk to be enjoyed as a treat, hot or cold. However, if you wish to, you could add it to your porridge or granolas! 

How do you make not-m!lks so creamy without adding dairy ingredients?

Nuts naturally have good fat that provides for a naturally creamy texture. not-m!lks has developed recipes that deliver alternative milks with a smooth and creamy texture. Our m!lks are made with carefully selected, naturally-sourced high quality ingredients which when combined and processed in the proper ratios results in a truly velvety unique product. 

How do you ensure that I receive my not-m!lks fresh?

To ensure that they are fresh and tasty, we produce your not-m!lks to order! They are delivered with our trusted courtiers to your door!