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About Us

About us

The Team at Not-M!lks has been a proud part of the International nut industry for more than thirty years. Meaning our nut connoisseurs know what they are doing. With our expertise and passion for all things plant based we have created flavours that truly change the game in dairy alternatives. Our creamy, rich and vibrant flavours prove that fresh is best and we know you will agree.

Our Mission

Now more than ever we need to produce healthier and sustainable alternatives to the diary industry, lessening the damage on our precious planet. Our nut milks do just this. Reducing our cabin footprint and delivering essential proteins and vitamins to our bodies. We passionately believe that we can deliver a delicious, healthy and eco friendly alternative to the plant based market.

Our values

Not-M!lks is committed to providing healthy, fresh and natural milks with only the best quality ingredients. We passionately believe in less is more, creating our delicious milks with filtered water, nuts and a handful of organic, natural extras that bring our nut milks to life. We also deeply care about our precious planet and pride our selves in sourcing only sustainable and environmentally friendly resources that taste incredible and keep the planet smiling.