Due to Covid-19 Safety Pre-Cautions, We will be back on Service in May 2021


What Inspired us?

We are two sisters living in the UK. We are vegetarians, lovers of our city and our planet. We love to cook and create. We've been making and blending nut milks, and after tasting fresh homemade almond milk (compared to that boxed stuff you buy at the grocery store), we just couldn't go back to that mass-produced, chemically-enhanced, ultra-pasteurized nut milk. What we needed was Not-M!lks! 

We’ve tried every kind of nut (and seed) under the sun. Different blends, all made at home in UK. We tested their taste, their frothiness, their ability to hold foam and most of all, how well they mimicked all of the good of milk, without the bad (hormones, chemicals, lactose, sad cows). What we found was with a little sweet from a date, a little fat from tropical nuts, and the rich crisp, clean taste of almonds, we had the perfect blend.

We are excited to share our milk with fellow alternative-milk lovers in the UK- vegan, vegetarian and just plain curious alike, hot or cold, for those that need a morning fix or an afternoon pick me up, we are ready to serve!