Due to Covid-19 Safety Pre-Cautions, We will be back on Service in May 2021

Our Values

Nut milks is committed to providing healthy, fresh and natural drinks that only use high-quality ingredients and offer great value for money. We passionately believe in simplicity and don’t add anything to our drinks – just nuts, filtered water and whatever other ingredients are listed on the packet. We refute the idea that descriptions such as ‘healthy’ or ‘vegan-friendly’ make something less tasty and take great pride in the deliciousness of the drinks that we offer. We also deeply care for our precious planet, only using environmentally friendly ingredients that have a low-carbon footprint. Finally, we believe that freshness is king and will never compromise on this mantra to make our lives easier.


We believe that food and drink should be simple, and you shouldn’t need to be a chemistry student, nutritionist, dietician or biologist to understand a list of ingredients. So, we only use natural ingredients in their least processed form, so you know exactly what you are putting in your body.


We don’t add anything extra to our nut milk, so we have to make it every day and deliver it fresh to wherever you buy it. We believe that enhances its taste and quality, providing you with an exceptional product every single time.


We care about our precious planet and want to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, so we make and deliver our nut milk locally. After all, one of the benefits of nut milk is that it does significantly less damage to the planet than dairy products, which would be rendered pointless if we drove it hundreds of miles.


All of our products are sustainable and will do no damage to our precious planet.